Bee Removal

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Your having a bee problem?  Don’t call a bee exterminator! It can be tough to get rid of bees. You’ve just found your honey bee removal company to take care of any bee problem you may have!  It’s a sticky mess with a sting,  let the bee control professionals at FirstChoice bee removal handle it for you!!

Bee Removal

Beehive in a tree

Bee Removal

Most noteworthy you may ask yourself “why pay money to remove the hive when I could just hire a bee exterminator?” Due to the issues our nation is having with Colony Collapse Disorder most would rather a live removal. But most of all, there are many other reason to remove a bee hive instead of killing the bees…

  • Gallons of honey will melt attracting insects, more bees.
  • Black mold will form.
  • Stains will appear.
  • Risk of bees returning to your property due to pheromone scent being left behind.
  • Risk of 10-50,000 bees entering the “inside” of your home.

furthermore, rather than calling pest control companies, hire a bee removal specialist as a result to take care of your problem correctly the first time without wasting your money.

bee removal

Beehive hanging in tree

In addition services include but not limited to, bee removal in walls, roofs, water-boxes, ground, also removal from trees as seen in picture above.

In conclusion your process will include repairs as well.  FirstChoice is a one stop shop for any bee removal problem.  Our technicians are not only honey bee professionals, they are builders with the best skills to work on your home.  If you have bees in your wall or roof you may find yourself having to hire a contractor after your bees are removed is complete.  Not with FirstChoice!  FirstChoice will remove your hive, clean it out, and repair your structure!

Finally a bee specialist that is licensed to repair!!  furthermore we probably are one of the most reliable in Florida!  Rather than waste anytime, call us for a free quote in 5 minutes today!



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