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Bee Removal

Call now, quotes in less than 5 minutes! 855-269-2337 Having a bee problem?  Don’t call a bee exterminator! It can be tough to get rid of bees. You’ve just found your honey bee removal service.  Taking care of any bee problem you may have!  It’s a sticky mess with a sting,  let the bee control professionals at FirstChoice handle it for you!!

bee removal

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You may ask yourself,

“why pay money to remove the hive when I could just hire a bee exterminator?”

Most important – Colony Collapse Disorder

There are many other especially relevant reason as well…

Reasons to Remove a Hive

  • Gallons of honey will melt attracting insects, more bees.
  • Black mold will form.
  • Stains will appear.
  • Risk of bees returning to your property due to pheromone scent being left behind.
  • Risk of 10-50,000 bees entering the “inside” of your home.


bee removal

Mold Stains from hive left inside ©FirstChoice Bee


In conclusion your process will include repairs from a licensed builder of over 20 years!  FirstChoice is a one stop shop for any bee problem with the best skills to work on your home.


One year warranties come with any repair done by our bee removal specialist.

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Bee Control

Bee Control- Bee Control was needed in Boca Grande Florida this morning.  Home-owner, Joyce had noticed bees trafficking in and out of the eaves of her home around a year ago.  Joyce hired a bee removal company to come out and remove the hive but noticed around...

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Bees Removed Live From Tree

Bee Removal St Pete Bee Removal St Pete - Today FirstChoice removed a bee hive approximately thirty five feet up in a tree in St Pete, Fl. The homeowner stated the hive had probably been there a couple of months.  And most of all was worried about someone getting hurt...

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Bee Removal Services

  • Bee Removal
  • Yellow Jacket Removal
  • Wasp Removal
  • Ground Bee Removal
  • Honey Bee Removals from roofs, walls, trees, the ground, ANYWHERE!

All removals done from walls, roofs, and floor spaces are repaired by a licensed builder of more than 20 years.  Ultimately putting your home in good hands!  Another great reason to pick FirstChoice, your left with a one year warranty!!

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