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Welcome to FC Bee removal Ft Myers.  Also servicing Cape Coral, Naples, as well as any and all other surrounding areas.  Call now for your free bee removal quote in less than 5 minutes! 855-269-2337


You’ve got a bee problem and your looking for a solution, FirstChoice will handle the job, as removing bee hives daily in Ft Myers is what we do!

bee removal ft myers

Removing bee hive from void in dormer

FirstChoice removed a beautiful beehive from a void in a dormer above a window as shown above.  There was gallons of sweet honey inside this dormer, approx 60 lbs of hive!  This goes to show you if your experiencing a bee problem you need a bee removal specialist.  Not pest control, as you want the hive removed.  By spraying and leaving them inside your causing more damage.  Such as…

  • Damage to your home due to melted honey.
  • Attract more bees, and other insects such as cockroaches, maggot, ants, etc.
  • Mold spots (black spots) seeping through to the outside structure of your home.
  • Wasting money

Call your bee removal expert today! 855-269-2337

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