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Bee Removal Sarasota

Bee removal Sarasota servicing all NW Florida including Sarasota, Bradenton, & Venice. Call now for quotes in 5 minutes! Fast, Friendly, reliable service! 855-269-2337

Removing bees live from Sarasota daily.  FirstChoice provides free estimates over the phone.  Also comes with repairs post-removal from a licensed builders of more than 20 years. But that’s not all!  Because FirstChoice is so confident in their work, finally in addition to great service customers are receiving one year warranty on all Repairs and return of bees.

Why You Should Remove Bees

Because bees are precious to man kind saving bees is very important.  Colony Collapse Disorder is a real problem our world faces.  However as that’s probably the most valuable reason there are a list of them.

Imagine a hive filled with gallons of sweet sticky honey.   Now imagine that honey in your roof, or wall.  If bees are sprayed and that hole is plugged, what happens to all that honey?  It Melts!!

After honey melts into the structure of your home you’ll start to attract more issues such as ants, cockroaches, maggots, you get the idea.  It doesn’t stop there, also as a result of leaving the hive inside structures mold forms and starts to seep through your exterior accompanied by a strong unpleasant odor.  Also in conclusion you’ll eventually end up with bees again because they are attracted to the smell left inside.



Bee Removal Services

  • Honey Bee Removal
  • Yellow Jacket Removal
  • Wasp Removal
  • Ground Bee Removal

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Bee Removal Sarasota



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