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Contact us today for a complimentary, chemical-free estimate. We take great pride in not only providing the most affordable rates possible but also in our environmentally safe, bee-friendly methods. No matter honey bee service in Florida you are looking for, our trusted specialists stand by our mission to keep you and your family safe from the many potential dangers bees can cause. Do not wait for the problem to get worse, get a free quote today.

Reasons to Hire a Professional Bee Removal Company

When a honeycomb is left inside a wall multiple things will go wrong. One they could go inside your home. Second, you will have dead bees in your structure with melting honey. When left inside your structure the hive will attract maggots, cockroaches, ants, etc. Then mold. Last but not least you will continue to have bees coming to your property as they smell that pheromone & honey that has now soaked into the structure of your home.

If you’re in search of beehive removal or bee hive prevention you’re in the right place. Our professionals will remove a hive from anywhere in your home. Our bee professionals will also give a quote on bee hive prevention of which comes with a one-year warranty.

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Reasons To Remove A Hive

You may ask yourself “why a removal when I could just hire a bee exterminator?” Here are the reasons why…

  • Gallons of honey will melt attracting insects, more bees
  • Rotten nasty smell along with maggots
  • Black mold will form
  • Stains from mold will appear
  • Taking the risk of bees returning to your property due to pheromone scent being left behind
  • Risking 10-50,000 bees entering the “inside” of your home

Removing the nest is essential when wanting to rid of the problem for good. Leaving the hive inside will always attract more bees to your property as well as ruin the structure of your home. Read on for more how to remove a beehive instead of hiring a bee exterminator.

bee removal
bee removal
bee removal

Wasp Removal in Florida

Our 5 star wasp removal team will remove your wasp nest with ease. Our wasp control service also includes a long walk around your property to inspect and ensure the wasps have not started wasp nests anywhere else around your home. Don’t mistake your Yellow Jackets for Wasps! The location of the small species will typically tell us as most yellow jackets build their nests in the ground. If you see a swarm near the ground call us right away and keep your family away from the location of the nest.


Honey Bee Removal

FirstChoice Honey Bee Removal service comes with the most professional and friendly beekeepers Florida has to offer. When removing a bee colony or bee swarms, performing a live removal is essential. First, we make sure our surroundings are safe to start the removal process. Being safe comes first when it comes to helping you get rid of your bee problem. Once we have secured the location of the bee hive the removal process begins.


Pest Control

Reasons to not hire a pest control company to handle any bee problems you may have. Reason number one is our bee removal specialists are educated in bees as to where the typical pest control company are not. Our bee control service comes with the most highly trained beekeeper. Bees are amazing creatures and their behavior is unique! When you hire FirstChoice Bee Removal you can expect us to find your bee hive and get rid of the bees live with our effective control services.

Reason number two is your pest control companies don’t remove the hive or save the bees. All the pest control company will do is spray the bees. This is especially bad if you have bees in your home as discussed earlier regarding reasons to remove the bee hive and the honeycomb. Call to talk to a live person right away to get a fast and easy quote over the phone Service Locations

Family Owned & Operated Removal Service

FirstChoice Bee Removal has been family-owned and operated since 2008. Our licensed bee removal service is cost effective! We guaranty our work with a one year warranty on all removals “with” repairs after the removal services are performed. Call now and learn more about our licensed beekeeper, bees, bees swarm costs. FirstChoice Bee Removal gives your removal services cost over the phone the same day. With a guarantee on that quote to never go any higher on the price given to you! Don’t hesitate Call FirstChoice Bee Removal now for the best bee removal services around Service Locations

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