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After a Bee Sting

  After A Bee Sting - What To Do Right Away? After a Bee Sting When it comes to treating bee stings, many people tend to have their own theories of how best to go about it. Some believe that applying vinegar to the sting is the best way to treat bee stings. Some...

Bees in the Wall

Bees in the Wall

Bees in the Wall? How to Get Rid of Bees in the wall When honey bees set up a colony they typically like to build in a hole in a tree, or a void in the wall of your home. These are popular locations for honey bees in the southern states, such as Florida. When honey...

What Exactly are the Health Benefits of Raw Honey

Benefits of Organic Honey It appears to be incredible to realize that about one third of the human diet comes from insect pollinated plants and that honeybees are actually responsible for eighty % of the pollination. Along with their pollination benefits, honeybees...

Bees Removed Live From Tree

Bees Removed Live From Tree

Bee Removal St Pete   Bee Removal St Pete - Today FirstChoice removed a bee hive approximately thirty five feet up in a tree in St Pete, Fl. The homeowner stated the hive had probably been there a couple of months. ¬†And most of all was worried about someone...

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