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Our team can help with your bee removal in Ann Arbor Michigan

Welcome to FirstChoice Bee removal in Ann Arbor¬†-Call now quotes over the phone don’t take long! 810-213-2636.¬†Noticed a swarm, and you are looking for an Bee Removal Ann Arbor company? If you find your property inhabited by bees and don’t know how to deal with it, don’t try to remove hives yourself! Bees can be collected and relocated by professionals.


Bee Removal Ann Arbor

The vast majority of people who live in our town and have infestation around or in their home should be aware of what damage can bees create and why they need an Ann Arbor Bee Removal service.

Bee removal is certainly a difficult challenge. The severity of the colonization must be taken into account, whether they are inside or outside the building, and how accessible the place is.One of the most important steps when it comes to bee removal is proper identification of the bee species you have, which contributes to determining which method of bee removal is best for both you and the colony.

We work diligently with our client’s hand in hand to exhaust all other options before we start with chemical treatment. The core of our business is preserving the ecosystem, and that’s why we always strive to vacuum bees and relocate them.

Do I Need Bee Removal Service?

Le’ts take a brief insight into reasons why you should never neglect bee removal. For example, imagine a large bee colony – the more weight is amassed, the bigger pressure is on your home structure (roof, wall, etc.)

Bear in mind that the wax from bee honeycomb can start melting at a warm period and penetrate through the walls of your house. Since the wax contains oily components, it can leave hard and bad stains.

Also, have you thought about animals with an excellent olfactory ability who can instantly locate a beehive even on a big range and attempt to get it and cause huge damage to your property? Insects, raccoons, and many other animals are stubborn when it comes to this.

About Bee Removal Ann Arbor Process

There are basically three ways for bees removal:

Relocating of the hive: This procedure consists of transferring the hive to another location. It is suitable for cases where there are not too many hives and bees, and therefore the work is done relatively quickly.

Hive treatment and full service: If your property is rich in bees and they are at every turn, you likely have several hives that are located throughout your entire property. A hive is a place where bees establish their honeycombs. Therefore, every inch of your home should be carefully inspected to remove all the hives. Bees cannot be completely removed unless all hidden hives – that may be in the wall, roof, nearby trees, even under the floor- are revealed and removed.

Swarm treatment: Bees mostly settle around the place where the bee queen is, and that is a swarm. All the other bees are constantly around her to keep her warm and protected. What makes this job complicated is that the bee queen can land absolutely anywhere and make a very inaccessible colony for removal.


Although people owe bees a lot, if you notice a problem with hives and bees, contact the Ann Arbor Bee Removal service for professional help.

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