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Looking for Bee Removal in Ft Myers? You picked the right place!  Also servicing Cape Coral, Naples, as well as any and all other surrounding areas.  Call now for your free beehive removal quote, they’re fast and easy! 239-310-5210

You’ve got a bee problem and you’re looking for a solution to get rid of bees, FirstChoice can handle any honey bee situation! Our highly trained service team is waiting to help and take your call. Contact us today and we’ll have a bee technician out at your home right away!

Bee Removal In Ft Myers

FirstChoice performed a bee removal from a void in a dormer above a window.  There was gallons of sweet honey inside this dormer, approx 60 lbs of hive!  This is an essential process to completely get rid of the problem.  Not a pest control company as they don’t remove the hive.  When spraying and leaving the beehive inside these things can happen…

  • Damage to your home due to melted honey.
  • Attract more bees, and other insects such as cockroaches, maggot, ants, etc.
  • Mold spots (black spots) seeping through to the outside structure of your home.
  • Wasting money

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Bee remove Ft Myers, FL – This gorgeous bee hive under a property owners eave was removed alive succesfully and transfered to a bee farm nearby. When removing a bee hive it’s especially important that your are a trained professional. We do not recommend anyone not qualified to remove a bee hive themselves. 


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Bee Removal in Ft Myers

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Who should you choose? When calling around to find a professional bee removal company in Ft Myers, FL be sure to ask many questions. Experienced bee removal companies will know exactly what you’re dealing with after speaking with you and should be able to give you an honest range quote over the phone. Don’t get stung! Make sure your hive is being removed and not sprayed and left inside to rot. Call FirstChoice Bee Removal in Ft Myers and we’ll get the job done right the first time! Every time!