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Have bees in your house, and you need a Bee Removal Lancing service? Is your home surrounded by hives and bees?

We are proudly serving our dear fellow citizens for many years. Bees can harbor in very inaccessible locations that require some minor demolition in order to properly remove the hive. You will hardly be able to access these secluded places on your own.

Therefore we are performing proper inspection and assessment before we take any step of demolition to properly remove and eliminate the hive.



Bee Hives & Bee Swarms

When it comes to the Bee Removal Lancing company, we are either looking for a beehive or a bee swarm. What’s the difference? A swarm is a place where the queen bee is flying around and settle. All the other bees are swarming around her to keep her protected and warm. The interesting fact is that this can happen almost everywhere, in the strangest place like on a wall, parking lot, in a car, etc, and it happens really fast. A swarm can be the indicator of a hive beginning. A hive is a place where bees establish their honeycomb. Hives are usually located in void areas like a hollow tree, underneath sheds, an attic, a sprinkler box, etc.

How Does Bee Removal Lansing Process Looks Like

There are two types of treatment:

  • Treatment for a swarm
  • Hive treatment and service

Treatment for a swarm is more precisely a chemical treatment to stop and prevent their future activity in that area. If you are a patron of environmental protection like we are, then we can perform non chemical removal, that is, to vacuum up all bees and relocate them. But the only downside of non-chemical cleaning is that bees may relatively quickly re-establish the same place.

Hive treatment and service consist of determining the location of the hive and choosing the best method to approach the work. The truth is we cannot stop bees without completely removing the hive.

Let Us Provide You With Expert Bee Control Services

When you are considering to hire Bee Removal Lancing service, give your trust to one who will:

  • Inspect for beehives inside roofs
  • Remove bee from floors in elevated/mobile homes
  • Check for Honey Comb inside the walls of your place
  • Scout for honey bees near trees or in the trunk

Bottom line

Although we owe so much to bees – they keep our ecosystem in balance and help in preserving it – bees can be dangerous to human health, especially for people who are allergic to bees sting. Reactions are common in such people in the form of affiliate shock, which can ultimately lead to death.

Under no circumstances do not try to solve this problem on your own if you do not have the experience and the appropriate equipment.

Bees belong to a protected species because their number is rapidly declining, and their importance to the ecosystem is enormous. Therefore Bee Removal Lancing always attempts to remove nests and rehome bees without harming them.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to call us. We will instantly respond to your emergency case.

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