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If you have bees in or around your house, do not exterminate them – call our bee removal Miami services! Our bee removal and pest control services in Miami FL are pesticide-free! We provide a live bee removal service for bees in Dade County, Fort Lauderdale, Coral Gables, and other South Florida areas.


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Miami Bee Removal is our specialization: We have been eliminating bees for years. We stand behind that we will complete all of our Miami bee removal and Swarm removal work. Our prices are extremely affordable, and we provide free estimates that are friendly and no-cost. We’re looking forward to your contact. We are insured and licensed experts. We’ll finish the job right the first time so that you’ll be able to rest in peace of. You’ve made the best option for your home and for your family members when you contact the bee-removing Miami Company.

If you’re home to bees, or a hive of bees at home or in your garden You’ll need to eliminate the bees as quickly as you can. Bees are necessary for our survival, however they can also be dangerous and can pose a threat immediately. Particularly when they are Africanized Bees. If a hive of bees is located on your property ensure that you call an expert in bee removal. Don’t call an beekeeper. They’re not certified in effective bee removal Miami and bee-proofing methods, and they are not licensed or insured. It is illegal to perform live removals to an Africanized Bee-hive.

How to properly eliminate an entire beehive is challenging and requires a certain set of abilities which have been developed over a lengthy period. Bees’ behavior are more complex than you would think. Only an experienced technician for bee removal can handle any unanticipated situation that could happen. Our technicians have dealt removal of bees for a quite a long period of time. Our Bee-Department solely handles removals of beehives. That’s all we do!


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Bee Removal Miami 

Our Miami bee removal saves bees! We offer live bee removal in Miami for both honey bees and wasps. We do live removals without chemicals or pesticides for bees, wasps, and hornets. Besides we are insured, we will repair the structure as well. Call our wasp removal in Miami Florida for more information. We remove bees and wasps from trees, hidden structures, yards, and more.

Honey Bee Miami Dade

If you have honeybees in your house or a building, please call our bee removal Miami at 786-304-1066
to discuss your best options. Honey bees inside of the structures can cause a lot of problems because they will start collecting honey over time.

Did you know that one single honey bee hive has an average of 70,000 to 80,000 bees inside it and can store several hundreds of pounds of honey inside the strictures of your place? This means that the wax, honey, and bees need to be carefully removed by a real bee removal Miami service.

Bee Removal Services in Dade County

Our bee removal specialists have done thousands of bee removals in Miami FL and are experienced and insured. We save the bees without hurting them. Our bee removal in Miami removes them live, remove the comb and honey and seal up and/or repair the area so that bees and wasps can no longer get inside your place.

Our bee removal specialists will take care of your chimneys, apartments, walls, buildings, trees, or any other structure you have a problem with bees (no matter how inaccessible it is). With our swarm removal company in Florida, you can rest assured that you will not have honey bees rebuilding a bee problem in the same exact spot for at least 12 months after our bee removal in Miami service is complete.

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It isn’t a good idea to find yourself liable for hidden charges or working with contractors that don’t appear at the right time, or who don’t have any knowledge about bees. Bee hives are an issue by itself. There is no need for the company you choose to hire to add on to the difficulty. We are proud of our work, and hope for a 100% success in removal of bees always. We take the guesswork in removing bees your property by using proven techniques.

Nobody would like to have bee hives in their home, and neither do they want bees coming back. With our 100% guaranteed removal of bees and removal, you can make the problem of bees extinct thing. We’ll eliminate your problem with bees swiftly and efficiently and at a reasonable cost. We also perform wasp removalsand nest removal. Bees and wasps are recognized for building their nests at any time, and anywhere they feel it is appropriate. So long as there’s an area that can offer security from heat and wind They can and will set up their hives there. We have seen us remove bees from a variety of locations.

Our Bee Removal Guarantee

We provide a 100-day guarantee on all our jobs involving removal of bees. If we take the swarm of bees from a tree branch. We promise that they will not be back. It’s a location-specific guarantee. It means that should “other” bees come back to the “different” section of the tree it’s an “new” bee hive, and the problem isn’t guaranteeable. A rule of thumb is when they don’t return after 30 days will not return. Our 100-day guarantee was intended to provide security because we are so confident in what we do that provide the longest warranty possible.

Bee Removal Miami

Our bee removal Miami professionals are a new breed of beekeepers. Dedicated to saving bees, bee removal in Miami is at the very first frontline of the whole battle to save the bees population from complete extinction.

With new eco-friendly techniques derived from the real world, and in partnership with other people like YOU, our bee removal Miami is making a difference!

If you are looking for someone who is capable to help you with the relocation of bees on your property, feel free to call our bee removal Miami service. We offer live bee removals only, so clients don’t have to feel bad at all. Our bee removal technicians will carefully relocate bees and diligently care for them, so they can keep doing their thing – pollinating our plants and saving the disturbed ecosystem.

We are the only stewards of the earth. The thing is that our pollinators are in a big crisis. And guess what? You can help by having your bees safely and ethically rescued with our professional bee removal services in Miami FL.

Live bee removal Miami isn’t an easy or fast task – it takes a level of skill that most, if not all, non-beekeepers don’t have. Our bee removal in Miami also supports many significant volunteer programs in Miami Dade, so your business allows our bee removal technicians to continue our efforts.

We are dedicated to providing residential and business customers throughout Southern California with professional, ethical, humane, and affordable live feral honey bee removal services. We guarantee that we will use safe and non-toxic methods to rescue colonies.


​Miami Florida Bee Hive Removal

Please DO NOT kill honeybees! We either keep them or ensure their proper and safe transition to another beekeeper we trust. If you are not within our service area, we can connect you to other professional beekeepers in Southern California. We want to help them and enable them to continue helping our environment.

As a professional hive removal company in Miami, we believe in the humane, holistic, and ethical care of those that share the earth and nature with us, including honey bees.

Bees, comb, honey, eggs, larvae, and many other things in-between must be safely and properly removed from “infected” structures and outside areas to prevent the invitation of others intruders such as ants, roaches, and rats. Our Miami bee removal services relocate honey bees to host families, local beekeepers, and our apiaries that meet our high standards. Whether it comes to your home or business, our Miami bee removal services know how to complete the whole bee removal task without using any chemicals.

All hive products, including the brood comb, bee bread, and honey are all removed with the utmost care from the cavity in order to prevent other returning bees and very likely re-infestation.


bee removal miami
bee removal miami

Miami Bee Removal

Killing honeybees in a structure will not only cause infestation, but also attract pests, and may damage the structure of your place! That’s why you need certified and professional bee removal in Miami.

Once the number of bees is reduced, they cannot continue to maintain the hive such as defending, heating, or air conditioning the wax comb. Lack of the bees doing their job results in melted wax and honey, causing severe damage to structures and materials, including drywall, stucco, electrical wiring, and siding. As you can see, killing honeybees can damage your home or business and cause further financial costs.

Miami FL Bee Removal Service

We perform everything it tasks to help you from Africanized bees removal over swarm removals to colony extractions and relocation of honey Bees. When you contact our wasp removal professionals over the phone, our bee removal Miami technicians will ask some questions to find the best course of action and an estimated cost range.

Ours be removal and pest control experts are interested in the answers to some of the following questions:

Are the bees inside of your structure, outside on a structure, in your yard, or perhaps outside on a tree?

Could you tell u the diameter size of the cluster? Is it the size of a football, hand, or baseball?

For how long do you believe they have been there: you just noticed, days, weeks, or even several months?

Approximately how high off of the ground is the hive: 8 ft, 1ft?

How easy it is to access the place? Do we need special equipment?

The best thing you can do is to send an email a of picture (from a distance) to us with the answers to our questions mention above. However, this is not required.

We will then discuss with you the best time to schedule a convenient appointment to perform bee removal in Miami FL with no damage to your structures (or little damage if necessary). However, our bee removal technicians in Miami FL do not perform any professional permanent repairs because we exclusively specialize in honeybees and their removal and feel more comfortable leaving those repair tasks to a contractor specializing in repairs. All we can do is create a temporary fix to stop honeybee reentry.

Every bee removal in Miami FL is unique. Our bee removal and pest control prices are based on the colony size, the amount of time they have been living there, and how hard it is to access the spot to perform bee removal services. Miami bee removal is not easy nor fast and takes experience, skill, and deep knowledge of bee behavior.

Pest Control Services in Miami FL

​It is usually necessary to cut into a shed floor, drywall, stucco roof, and so on and so forth. This process can take more than 4 hours. Sometimes it can take way longer for larger removals. It all depends on the case.

In addition, our be removal in Miami FL also has several more hours of work in order to relocate your bees to their new, safe home. This means that each bee removal technician involved in the process works 5-10 hours per day to perform professional bee removal services.

Our bee removal and pest control services in Miami FL are fully insured and will tell you the exact location where the bees will be relocated (Miami Dade County, South Florida).

​Our Miami bee removal services have locations in different areas of the state of Florida at hosting locations that have dedicated their work to follow organic practices. Your bee problem will be relocated to the closest and safest location.


About Bee Removal in Miami Process

Did you know that when bees swarm due to threat to the colony, lack of natural resources, or overcrowding, more than 20,000 individual bees may join the swarm? That’s why you need professional bee removal and pest control services in the state of Florida.

They travel together all the time searching for a permanent location. At this point, the thing is that the cluster, usually located in a tree, can stay there just a few hours to a couple of days. They are still only a swarm and have not constructed their permanent “hive” yet.

Remember that If you have only a couple of bees wandering around your home or business, these are likely scouts looking for the area for the swarm’s new home. Guess what? They could easily decide to share yours!

Once this happens, bees then fly back to their main swarm nearby your house to report what they have found. Once they decide to move their swarm to a new location, all of the bees will start penetrating your home.

Within just a couple of minutes, more than 15,000-20,000 bees will start building comb for bee bread, brood, and honey. At this point, you will see a continuous group of bees coming and leaving, especially if the weather condition is over 55-60 degrees Fahrenheit.

Once they have moved in your place and started doing their stuff, that is, building comb, they will not leave your place, you can be sure about that. All you have to do is contact our bee removal and pest control services in Dade County, the state of Florida, and get the best deal – we offer free estimates and have a fast response time for our customers.

At this stage, if they are under a shed, in the cavity of the wall, or in the roof of your house, the removal process is usually going to cost you more because it is a much more difficult process. Don’t let this happen – contact

​Our Miami bee removal services do charge a teeny tiny fee for swarm rescues because we have to pay for insurance, hive equipment, and other business costs.

In addition, we invest our time and gas we must pay for. However, our bee removal and pest control technicians in Miami FL are grateful for supporting our local bee removal business so you can rest knowing that you helped the bees colony and our planet.

Even more, you are also helping a small beekeeper community that donates pollination services to community gardens, volunteers many hours per week towards important educational events (on vermicomposting, organic gardening, pollinators, etc.), and awards mentor scholarships, which is great!

​Our bee removal and pest control company wants to thank you for your understanding and we hope you will help us to continue to help the Dade County community.

Live Bee Removal in Miami FL and Relocation Best Practices

Our be removal service is also a sponsor for several nonprofit educational beekeeping organizations in Miami Dade, Florida, and has created a “Live Removal and Relocation Best Practices” practices guideline for consumers. Remember one thing – not all bee removal services are created equal.

Qualifications and “License”

“Any bee removal service that claims to be ‘Licensed’ is licensed as a PCO (which stands for Pest Control Operator). Those who own this license are allowed to hold and carry poisons and toxins on their vehicles, which are meant to kill rats and other insects: bees, wasps, spiders, ants, cockroaches, and so on and so forth. All of that does not qualify them in any way to perform live honeybees removal. Only beekeepers have experience and training to do that, and there is no license for it.”

Contents of Removal Miami FL

Let’s make one thing crystal clear. “Many PCOs who claim they are live bee removal service leave the comb for trash, and what’s even worse, they vacuum the bees into a shop vac so they can easily disposal them. Even if they are vacuuming them in a special container where they are not killed, they will barely survive without a set of combs to live in and their queen.”

Storage and Transport of Bees

As you already know, honeybees live in colonies, guided by their brood. They also have their supplies of food storage (nectar, pollen, and honey). This is what the bees colony is made of.

The brood is in charge of the future of the hive. It maintains its number of workers. It also helps in the case of the death of the queen.

The thing is that if the combs are stacked in cardboard boxes, buckets, or plastic bags, the pupae and larvae will die. There’s no way that the Bree brood can survive in such an environment, even it is only for a few hours.

The food storage combs and brood should be secured right on site. However, this is a time-consuming practice and cannot be performed without prior intimate knowledge of the beehive organization.

In those standard wooden hive boxes our Miami bee removal service use, with the comb professionally placed in frames, bees colonies can actually travel many miles. Our responsible Miami bee removal will transport their removed colonies into this type of “woodenware”.


Many people wonder, where your hive removal company in Miami Beach will relocate bees? This is the very first question every client should ask. Remember that the answer should be a definite one, such as an address you can always check and make sure they are not lying.

An answer like “farms, gardens, and orchards throughout the area” is not verifiable. A person who strives to engage in live bee removal will be proud of their beehive maintenance activities and should want to share the actual address of the place they site the colonies they remove.”

Miami Dade Honey Bee

Bees are one of the most important insects in our ecosystem. However, they could be extremely dangerous (even fatal) when they construct a bee hive close to your home or workplace. This is especially true for those people who are allergic to bee biting. It’s not advised to clean or remove a bee hive yourself because it is a dangerous task – even if you’re following the instructions.

We are leading hive removal services in Miami FL. Our swarm removal experts are highly trained to solve any issue with bees in Florida – just pick up your phone and give us a call – our phone number is 786-304-1066
To get the job done correctly, different bee problems require different and personalized approaches.

Contact our certified bee removal Florida pros today over the phone to learn what you can expect from them – they will keep bees and other insects out of the property or at your workplace. Our specialists in wasp and other stinging insects have years of experience finding permanent solutions, securing, and treating bees.

How to Safely Remove Bees

It goes without saying that bees are responsible for many things – they pollinate plants that help grow our ecosystem. In short, they are essential for our environment. If you or someone who lives on your property is allergic to bees, the only way to stay safe is to call our Florida bee experts. Once on site, our customers can expect us to determine the most effective and safest course of action. These may involve different bee control treatments and procedures or complete swarm or hive removal from a licensed beekeeper – contact us today for free estimates and evade a possible threat!

Our swarm removal experts in Florida experts know how to remove a bee nest at an affordable price. We follow federal and state regulations for stinging insect removal and prevention. Our nest removal company strives to protect the environment and pollinators. Schedule a free inspection for your property at the best price on the Florida market.

Call Miami FL Bee Control Experts

If bees buzzing around your property or workplace are putting you or someone else health at risk, or have become a structural concern or nuisance, call one of our bee control experts and get the best deal for nest removal.


Our bee removal experts have immediate response time – forget about doing it yourself, it is a dangerous job! Our Florida bee experts live in the areas they service and are more than familiar with the species of bees (including Africanized bees) living in Florida.

With nearly one hundred years of innovative bee control solutions, our family owned business is your best deal! Wondering why so? Because our Florida bee technicians will customize a plan that fits both your budget and your needs. Contact over the phone our wasp removal pros today to schedule an initial bee inspection and get the best possible price for your family.