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Welcome to Bee removal in Miami. Our bee specialists are waiting to answer your call and give you answers to all of your questions and concerns you must have.


Use Professional Bee Services

Here at FirstChoice we do not recommend anyone not qualified to remove a beehive or learn how to removal a beehive on their own. Removing beehives can be very dangerous. Colonies an consist up to 20-60 thousand bees while only taking 1000 to kill a grown man. So get your bee removal in Miami done by a professional. Make sure your profession is knowledgeable about bees and know exactly what they’re doing. You can find this out by asking a lot of question regarding how they would handle your situation. Our experienced bee removal team is waiting to take your calls and answer any questions you may have!

Places Beehives Are Built

The city is the place to be for some vacationers. Not only is there sun everyday of the year there are plenty of hot spots to visit including Miami Beach. But the city isn’t just for vacationers, bees love Miami. Removals in Miami happen every day in the sunny state. You can find bees making a home in your boat, roof, wall, tree, or even the ground. However, most ground nests are yellow jackets.

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Providing bee removal in all of SE Florida including but not limited to Miami Beach, Coral Gables, Homestead and Hialeah. Miami is one of many areas to have bees, presently one of the most populated. A removal performed in wall or roofs come with repairs done. Another great reason to choose FirstChoice is their one year warranty on all repairs or return of bees, ultimately giving you the best experience.

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Bee Swarm Season

Bee swarm season occurs in the spring.  Many will think it’s the bees leaving their hive, but as a matter of fact they haven’t all left.  The honey bees are actually leaving with the old queen bee, meanwhile the new queen created stays with the other half of the hive. Swarms aren’t dangerous, on the other hand you still want to take caution.  Strangely enough a swarm isn’t much aggressive at all. However an established hive is one to look out for. Swarms will typically take off on their own within 24-48 hours. In any case that the bees don’t leave call FirstChoice right away before they start building on your property. Our bee removal Miami specialist will capture the swarm and transport them safely.