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Welcome to Bee removal in Miami. The city is the place to be for some vacationers. Not only is there sun everyday of the year there are plenty of hot spots to visit including Miami Beach. But the city isn’t just for vacationers, bees love Miami. Removals in Miami happen every day in the sunny state. You can find bees making a home in your boat, roof, wall, tree, or even the ground. However, most ground nests are yellow jackets.


Providing bee removal in all of SE Florida including but not limited to Miami Beach, Coral Gables, Homestead and Hialeah.  Miami is one of many areas to have bees, presently one of the most populated. Bee removals performed in wall or roofs come with repairs done.   Another great reason to choose FirstChoice is their one year warranty on all repairs or return of bees, ultimately giving you the best experience.

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Swarm season occurs in the spring.  Many will think it’s the bees leaving their hive, but as a matter of fact they haven’t all left.  The honey bees are actually leaving with the old queen bee, meanwhile the new queen created stays with the other half of the hive. Swarms aren’t dangerous, on the other hand you still want to take caution.  Strangely enough a swarm isn’t much aggressive at all. However an established hive is one to look out for. Swarms will typically take off on their own within 24-48 hours. In any case that the bees don’t leave call FirstChoice right away before they start building on your property. Our bee removal specialist in Miami will capture the swarm and transport them safely.

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Bee removal miami

Why Choose FirstChoice Bee Removal in Miami?

With the vast number of bee removal companies in Florida, what sets us apart?

  • Experience: We have been in the industry for an impressively long time. We understand all the challenges of handling threatened bees and wasps. We have the capacity to solve the problem of bee infestation once and for all. Our team of experts can professionally handle any unforeseen situation and danger that may arise during the elimination process.
  • Safety: Bee removal isn’t supposed to harm people and bees. Unfortunately, many honey bee removal companies just get by killing the insects. FirstChoice Bee Removal is committed to repelling rather than killing bees. We use safe treatment products and options that don’t cause harm to people, pets, property, and bees.
  • Customer Service: We believe in responding to customer inquiries in a timely and professional manner. Our customer service is one of the most friendly and dependable in the country.
  • Licensing and Insurance: Honey bee removal is dangerous and difficult. This is why we insist on being licensed and insured. All our specialists have liability insurance to protect them in case of an accident.

Bee infestation is not a pleasant situation for anyone. Living in the reality of deadly stings can be debilitating. Besides, bees can cause structural damage and can take control of your home if you let them. If you’ve spotted heightened bee or wasp activity in your home recently, don’t hesitate to call FirstChoice Bee Removal at your earliest convenience. We have all the necessary tools and expertise to permanently eliminate the annoying creatures. Call us, write to us, send us an email, or simply visit us. We would love to partner with you to make your home pest-free again.

Why FC Bee Removal Miami, FL

Miami bee removal that went wrong, one of the jobs we attended to after another bee remove company promised to remove the hive. This unfortunately happens too often. When calling around make sure you’re asking plenty of questions making sure you don’t end up like this guy! Just another reason to call FC Bee Removal in Miami, FL to get the job done right the first time, every time.

Here at FirstChoice we do not recommend anyone not qualified to remove a beehive on their own. Removing beehives can be very dangerous. Bee hives in Miami can concise up to 20-60 thousand bees while only taking 1000 to kill a grown man. So get your bee removal in Miami done by a professional. Make sure your bee removal profession is knowledgeable about bees and know exactly what they’re doing. You can find this out by asking a lot of question regarding how they would handle your situation. Our experienced bee removal team is waiting to take your calls and answer any questions you may have!

What You Can Expect

While removing a bee hive in Florida you’ll definitely see a lot of bees flying everywhere. When in a roof typically you’ll see a lot of swarming under the eave. If bees notice an invader they do a cute little dance to alert the others that you’re there. Seeing bees with pollen on their legs is a beautiful sight to see. It can also be intimidating being around bees but you get used to it after performing bee removal’s for so many years. When performing a bee removal on a eave the key is finding the exact spot to ensure you’re only cutting one hole to repair. After the void is emptied you’ll want to be sure all the residual left over is cleaned up and the scent is sealed for prevention of return. During the removal we get to see the queen and drone. drones don’t have stingers so they can’t sting you. They’re twice the size of a worker bee & the only job the drone has is to mate with the queen, what a life huh? But wait not so much, they die after they mate. But the queen doesn’t miss out as there could be up to 200 drones in a colony. An essential part of a successful honey bee removal is capturing the queen.

After The Honey Bee Removal

When we pull out of your drive way we still arent done yet. Once we seal the bee container up tight so we don’t have them flying around our vehicle they’re delivered to the closest beekeeper in your area that will accept the donation.


Carpenter bees help in the pollination of the flowers. Carpenter bees are often mixed with bumblebees because of the similar size and color. Carpenter bees have labor between them and build their nests near the other nests and guard their nests. These make nests by making tunnels ant they make tunnels to pollinate and store their food. Their eggs have a large size and most of them are the largest of all the insects. Mating systems are of two types.

ü In this method, males have big eyes and they wait for the females to pursue them and make a pair.

ü In this method, males have small heads and they release pheromones which spread in the air and the presence of the male is advertised by this to females

Man Dies From Bees in Miami

Back in 2009 a man was found laying unconsious. Miami Dade fire and rescue tam arrived to find the man laying on top of the apartment building dead wearing half of a bee suit. It seems the gentlmen was stung multiple times but the medical team was letting the medical examiner decid the cause of death. This is why it’s so important to have a professional bee removal in Miami instead of trying to handle it yourself. Colonies can consist of up to 20-60 thousand bees while it only take 1000 to kill a grown man.

Conclusion of The Story

The man was not hired by the apartment complex so it seemed at that time it may have been a resident trying to rid the problem himself. A resident that lived literally under the beehive had lived there for a year and a half and says the bees had been there around 6 months. Unfortunately the apartment building officials were told about this situation several times. Sometimes you may need to take matters in your own hands when living in a community that isn’t taking care of it. But that doesn’t mean do it yourself, call FirstChoice Bee Removal of Miami and we will help handle the situation safely!


Nowadays, most of the people are suffering from carpenter bees because their woods might be of floor or doors are damaged and they need to be replaced bringing many costs and wastage of time. It also leaves particles of sand which adds to the dirtiness and pollution and the only problem is that they are very big and dangerous for the children. This problem is adding to the pollution and most of the people are overcoming it by using different bees’ killers and are successful. So if you are facing the same problem be aware of the solutions and try to get more information about the newest types of the bees’ killers and be smart and successful.

No matter what type of Bee Removal in Florida you are looking for, our trusted specialists stand by our mission to keep you and your family safe from the many potential dangers bees can cause. Do not wait for the problem to get worse, schedule a free inspection today.

 Bee Problem

The bees many times cause a great problem to us. Then we become restless to remove them from the place. But it is not easy and many times challenging to remove them. So to do this successfully we must take help of the experts. At first we can do this by disturbing the hive of bees. It’s a great idea because if it is done properly they will not like to make residence on the place again. Africanized bees are more commonly known as killer bees. And removing them is so tough and challenging. Removing bees can be done by someone who knows what to do with groups of angry bees support or flock may be required to experts who are always to be had when the hives must be professionally removed. In many areas today honey is of great importance and the bees also play an important role in our ecosystem. But it is more proper for bees to live in a hive.

Aggressive Bees

The bees can be quite aggressive when they get annoyed when somebody wants to chuck out a beehive, it is more appropriate to choice to stone throwing or other habitat or spraying somewhat when they flock around their field. Always try to get rid of them and lead to obtaining care. It is also crucial to get people far from the bees, if they are allergic to bee stings. Because there are some allergies can cause severe symptoms such as swelling in the area where he was trapped. Tightness in the throat and complexity breathing can also take place. You should also remember that the best time to try to catch up with bees at home is when they are immediately put in. In this way the bee keepers exactly do the work without saying for payment. Smokers can also lead to calm the bees in order to remove them appropriately and carefully in real estate. Removal of bees is a delicate business. So you must learn tricks about the efforts from someone skilled. This will help you a great extent to the job successfully.