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Welcome to FirstChoice Bee removal in Saginaw -Call now quotes over the phone don’t take long! 810-213-2636. Have you spotted a couple of bees nests over your property, and you need bee removal Saginaw service? Then keep reading.


Save The Honey Bees | Bee Removal Saginaw

As they are the most beneficial insects on our planet, we do our very best in order to save honey bees colony. Unfortunately, sometimes we have to use demolition tools if a hive is in a wall void, which no one can remove except professional bee removal Saginaw service.

Bee Nest Removal

Wearing protective gear is crucial when it comes to proper property inspection and determining the location of the nest. As this is not a carefree task, our technicians will kindly ask you to say indoor while they are removing nests – for your own safety.

The process itself begins by inspecting your property and locating all the places that the bees have occupied. This includes a detailed inspection of every part of your property, including the walls, roof, trees surrounding your property, wood cavities, and even the floor must be inspected.

Different Treatments Of Our Bee Removal Saginaw Service

Once the assessment is done and we have pulled together all the necessary information, we are starting with bee removal treatment. As we are an eco-friendly oriented service, we will give our best to perform non chemical treatment and save the bees. However, at your request, we can also perform chemical treatment, which is certainly much more efficient, but bees are the most important creatures for our ecosystem, bear that in mind!

The method we will use also depends on the type of bees that have occupied your property. Not all methods are equally effective in treating different species.

Bee Sting Prevention Tips

Our friendly technicians are always willing and ready to give you extra advice on how to prevent bee sting:

  • If you find yourself near bee/s, never try to hit or swap as this will make them aggressive.
  • Forget about sudden movements when they fly over you as this can provoke them. Move slowly away or stay calm.
  • Try to always cover food leftovers, containers, and beverage bottles.
  • If you notice a bee nest on your property, never attempt to remove on your own, instead, call bee removal Saginaw professionals.

Best Way To Get Rid Of Bees

We are strongly against non professional bee removal!

While you should always leave stinging insect removal to professionals, there are a couple of things you can do to reduce the chance of infestation:

  • Do not leave any beverages or food outdoor.
  • Always put tight-fitting lids on your garbage cans.
  • Keep your garbage cans away as far as possible to prevent any potential stung.
  • Scout for nests frequently. The process of removing the nest is far easier if they are noticed in time.

Bottom Line

We at bee removal Saginaw guarantee that we will save and relocate every single colony of bees and provide you with pictures as evidence of that! That’s how much we really care about bees and customers. Our entire procedure is time tested when it comes to bees and your safety. Guided by the highest industry standards, we will exceed all your expectations!

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