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If you are looking for bee removal Sarasota services, look no further – you have come to the right place. Our Sarasota bee removal company got you covered!  Although bees are not the only pollinators, they are one of the greatest for sure! But unfortunately, they are in a crisis. You can help them by hiring our bee removal in Sarasota FL, for professional ethical bee removal services to safely remove bees and transport them. 

 Do not try on your own to do bee removal – live bee removal is not that easy as you might be tempted to think. It requires a high level of skill that you and other non-beekeepers do not have. The solution is quite simple – Honey bee removal in Sarasota and additional pest control services. (941) 667-2002



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Bee Removal Sarasota

Our Florida Sarasota bee removal team, including Venice and Sarasota county, are one hundred percent dedicated to providing home or business customers throughout Florida with humane, ethical, affordable, and professional live honey bee removal services! FirstChoice guarantees that we use only nontoxic and safe methods to remove bees. Contact us over the phone in Sarasota today to learn more about our removing bee techniques to save bees! 

 We are kindly asking you not to kill the honeybees. FirstChoice will take care of them, which means the safe and proper bees transport to the other location in Sarasota or beekeeper we trust!  

Bee Removal Sarasota Florida At Your Service! 

For the vast majority of people, bees are a real nuisance – but it does not have to stay that way – contact us. They are one of the most important creatures on the earth that protect our ecosystem, and their colonies are of vital significance for the entire ecosystem. With that being said, we perform only professional ecofriendly removing bee services, which means, we do not kill hives and bees. Contact us today – our phone number is 941-203-1814, and have them removed from your location. As a pest control company that unified all services, including live bee hive relocation, nest or hive removal, and so on, you can rest assured you get top-notch bee removal service when hiring us. As we said, bees are an important part of our planet, but in some circumstances, bee removal in Florida is unavoidable. In addition, hornets, yellow jackets, and wasps can be even more dangerous – actually, life-threatening! 

Bee Removal in Sarasota at The Best Rate 

Every single honey bee removal project is different, unique. Bear in mind that prices are based on the amount of time needed to get the job done, which is tightly connected to the size of the bee colony and how long bees and wasps have been living there. Aside from these, the important part that affects the price is also how difficult is to access the hives and bees in order to do a bee removal. Bee removal is not something easy, especially hive swarm removal, it is a time-consuming and risky task, so give us a call. It can take up to four or five hours to get the job done. 

Sarasota Bee Removal Service That People Trust! 

Paper wasps, hornets, and yellow jackets are the most common intruders you will probably face. Wasp and bee nests are often found on commercial overhangs, tree branches, garages, attics, in pipes or walls, and other high hidden places. Unfortunately, sometimes they can build a huge nest under your fascia, lawn furniture, etc. These nests can get that big to even enter inside of the building and cause astounding scenes. So, if you spotted a bee nest on your residential Sarasota wearing advanced protective gear, our bee removal services will assess your place with the utmost care and diligently inspect it to find the bee nests. FirstChoice will give you clear specific instructions to stay inside until we remove nests and all bees – it is for your own safety and the safety of people who live with you. 

Honey Bee Swarms 

Honey bees are easy to spot and recognize because of their unique yellow and black stripes, buzzing sound, and furry exterior. Honey bees might swarm when their queen fails, or there are too many of them in a hive. Guess what’s happening next? Half of the bees are following the queen on her way to find a brand-new home. The swarm looks like a gloomy cloud. Dark cavities and hollowed out trees around your property are ideal new homes for honey bees – which is why you might need bee removal Sarasota services to help you in a hive/swarm removal – just give us a call – we are leading bee Removal Sarasota service! 

bee removal sarasota
bee removal sarasota

Reliable Bee Removal Services in Florida 

When you spot one wasp or group of wasps, bees, or jackets around your property, you need a quick, trustworthy, and affordable bee removal Sarasota service. We have been filling that role for a couple of decades and can proudly boast that we are a licensed and certified bee removal service through the state of Florida, including Sarasota and Sarasota county. They often habitat the structure of your house. So, our bee removal Sarasota team also deals with honeycomb, which bees might create in your house structure and cause expensive damage.  Bee colonies require professional Sarasota Bee removal services as those are serious stinging insects. Our experienced bee removals will remove them safely and relocate as soon as you give us a call. Don’t let something like this get out of control and cause irreparable damage. (941) 667-2002

Wasp and Bee Removal Sarasota 

No matter what type of stinging insects comes about, pest control is the best solution – especially when you need wasp removal or honeycomb removal – that’s why our bee removal Sarasota team is always ready. People often try on their own to remove honeycomb or to do something with a nest, which is completely troublesome. Do not do this on your own – we offer free estimates in your city to help you whether it comes to bee removal, bee control, removing of wasps, and so on. They will be removed at the best price on the market! We also offer valuable advice on how to protect from pests and ensure to protect against bee nests in the future. 

If you have any other questions, please give us a call! (941) 667-2002

Why Removal a Beehive

Bee removal in Sarasota is common and because bees are precious to man kind saving bees is very important. Colony Collapse Disorder is a real problem our world faces.  However as that’s probably the most valuable reason there are a list of them.  

Imagine a hive filled with gallons of sweet sticky honey. Now imagine that in your roof, or wall.  If bees are sprayed and that hole is plugged, what happens to all that inside?  It Melts!!

After honey melts into the structure of your home you’ll start to attract more issues such as ants, cockroaches, maggots, you get the idea.  It doesn’t stop there, also as a result of leaving the hive inside any structures mold forms and starts to seep through your exterior accompanied by a strong unpleasant odor.  Also in conclusion you’ll eventually end up with bees again because they’re attracted to the smell left inside. 

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Sarasota Bee Removal

Summer of 2019 bee removal Sarasota experts arrived at a home with a hive inside a concert eave. The bees were very docile making them a perfect hive to save and transport to our local Sarasota beekeepers. It rained during this removal which makes it easier to capture all of the bees as they don’t typically leave their hive in bad weather. They feel that pressure and will hunker down prior to the storm. Another way to capture all of the bees is a bee vacuum that we use on most all of our bee removals in Sarasota. After the bees get sucked up, safely, we then reunite them with their hive after we place the plates carefully in the bee box.

Bees Love Roof Edges

Bee’s a lot of times will build in the eave/soffit areas of a roof. They absolutely love these areas because of the voids between the rafters. Typically after they fill one void they will move on to the next. There have been bee removals in Sarasota residence roofs that were as much as 10 feet long, 10 feet!! That’s a huge established hive that has been there a while. When hives get this large it definitely brings the cost of bee removal up so it’s important to call a bee removal Sarasota specialist right away, don’t wait and get stung at the bank!

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bee removal sarasota

Bee Hive Removal Sarasota

Bees like quiet desolate places to build their hives. Most bee hive removals are from trees, roof, or walls. Some in the ground, those are typically yellow jackets. If you experience bee activity around your home it’s also best to do some preventative measures to prevent future beehives from being built in or near your home. If you ever have a contractor working around your home always make sure any holes that may have been made are sealed up tight, that’s one less void for the bees to enter. Honey bees are smart & will alert the other bees with a dance to make them follow to their new home.

We are highly against anyone not qualified to remove bee hives to remove a hive on their own. Even if you’re trying to learn how to remove a bee hive online, without the proper gear and experience it can result in serious injury.

Why We Need Bees

Honey bees are necessary for a healthy eco-system. They help create a good environment by producing honey and pollinating flowers. However, they can deliver painful and dangerous stings when they get around people. If you (or your curious toddler) cross paths with a bee, it won’t hesitate to sting. A bee sting can lead to severe illness and even death. This is why you need an expert to take care of the bee problem in your home. At FirstChoice, we are proud that we do not kill bees and wasps but relocate them to safer locations.

Bee Removal Sarasota

As skilled team of bee control experts, you can trust us to handle the beehive removal exercise with the utmost professionalism. We are fully licensed and insured to carry out this kind of work. Our approach is unique and effective. Our response is timely.  Whether bees have created a hive on top of a tree or in one of your walls, we know what to do to safely get rid of them. Unlike some of our competitors who do half the job, our strategy will remove bees and wasps from your space forever. We are popular for effective, rapid, and affordable pest control services.

Our Unique Approach

Both bees and wasps come in tens of thousands of species. They are mostly active during the spring and summer months. Often, they thrive indoors or in yards with plenty of flowers, fruits, and vegetation. Whether you have family members who are allergic to bee stings or not, having these creatures around your home poses a great danger. They are very aggressive and can take over your territory, making you a prisoner in your own home. Some bee species can also cause wood damage. Over time, the structural damage can add up and pose a real danger to your home.

Risks of Honey Bee Removal

Our Bee Removal Company understands the risk of bee removal from your property. We don’t simply jump to the meat of the matter. We begin by identifying the problem so that we can get rid of it completely. Understanding the specific type of infestation helps us to eliminate the pests safely. Once we have identified the underlying problem, our trained team of experts will proceed to get rid of the bees without bringing any danger to your family members.

First, we will identify the nest and put our smoker to it. In doing so, the bees become inhabitable more calm. As a result, all the bees in the nest (yes, including the queen) typically can be captured. Once the bees are out of the hive, we will treat it ridding of the scent.  Without this all-important step, the colony is bound to come back and take ownership of their old home. Treating the hive area ensures that any returnees are more likely to fly elsewhere.

Sarasota Bee Removal Services

Honey bee removal is not only dangerous but tricky as well. Without expert help, you can injure yourself and your family members in the process. Further, the likelihood of removing the pests for good is very low when not handled by professionals. This is a job best handled by experienced, licensed, and certified bee removal professionals. We offer top-notch services that will annihilate all insects in a manner that will permanently stop any further colonies in the area.

  • Bee Hive Removal

FirstChoice Bee Removal in Sarasota is a household name when it comes to bee removal. We have a few decades worth of experience dealing with pests without causing any trouble to our clients’ families. Our bee removal Sarasota professionals utilize safe products and traps to completely eliminate all beehives located in your home.

We also provide options for relocating bees from hives mounted on bushes, chimneys, walls, and roofs. With us, you are guaranteed that the bees will not return to your premises or any of the mentioned structures. We utilize proofing techniques and materials designed to prevent recurring honeybee infestations. After removing the bee hive, we will suppress the smell to discourage pests from coming back. This is our effective and long-term bee hive removal strategy.

  • Yellow Jacket Removal

Besides bee hive removal, we also offer yellow jacket removal services. If you’ve noticed a rise in yellow jacket activity in your home, get in touch with us so that we can take care of the problem for you. Unsurprisingly, a DIY remedy is a dangerous undertaking. In case you don’t know, yellow jackets are aggressive wasps that will do anything to protect their nest. If they feel threatened, they will repeatedly sting in large numbers. Antiquated strategies such as pouring gasoline, bug sprays, boiling water, and bleach will only get you and your family members stung. Plus, these methods are ineffective as the bees often find a way out of the nest anyway.

  • Wasp Removal

Taking our time to inspect the yellow jacket nests before we come up with the best method of removing them. Our experts are the real professionals when it comes to locating yellow jacket nests. We assure you that we will uncover all entry points to the nests and mark them. Apart from being partially blind at night, all the yellow jacket colonies are present in the nest when the sun goes down. Our treatment products are effective and totally safe around children and pets, no poisons are used. Wasps are just as bad as bees—perhaps even worse. They have no problem stinging when they are agitated. And yes, their sting is just as bad. To get rid of wasps, you need to tap into the expertise and experience of FirstChoice Bee Removal. Our specialists have helped many homeowners safely eliminate wasps from their properties.

Beehive Removal Gear

We have the right gear to protect against aggressive stinging. Before getting started, we will ensure there’s no person around. As usual, we are experts when it comes to the identification of pest nests. We will look for the beehive and remove them accordingly. Once the colony has been removed, our experts will take out the honey comb so that the pheromone scents don’t attract newcomers. Our strategy is a long-term solution that will seal the area from repeated attempts at gaining control.

  • Ground Bee Removal

These are solitary insects that don’t fancy living with others in beehives.  There are different types of ground bees with the common ones being leaf cutters and mining bees. Although solitary nester’s aren’t as aggressive, they can sting when necessary. Plus, their hive can wreak havoc on your lawn. If you have pets and children who enjoy playing on the lawn, consider getting rid of ground bees.

Ground bees are tiny and have smaller hideouts, making them hard to eliminate. Luckily for you, we know all there is to know about ground bee removal. We focus on methods that will keep the bees away for the long haul. Once we know the specific species we are dealing with, we utilize the strategy that works best. Trust us to scare the pests rather than kill them. Our techniques are totally safe around pets and children.


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