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If you see a beehive stay away!!  Call a bee hive removal specialist right away!  Your safety is important.  A colony of bees consists of  20-60,000 bees. Bee removal in St Petersburg is common.  We remove hives from the your city daily.



Bee removal in St Petersburg in action on top of a tile roof

Mold Damage From Hive Left Inside

You need a bee removal specialist rather than a pest control company.  When bees are alive inside their honeycomb, flapping their wings is what’s keeping the honey cool resulting in the honey staying in the comb.  When attempting to get rid of bees by spray inside and plugging the hole all the honey will melt.  Typically within 24 hours the honey will attract maggots, cockroaches, ants, etc. concluding later on with a terrible odor, mold as seen above, and the return of bees.

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St Petersburg Bee Removal

Bee removal in St Petersburg was done at a veteran’s home. The veteran has bees in the floor of his shed with some possible other areas. We love our veterans so we didn’t hesitate to rush over to help him. These bees were super active, it was a hot day and bees love this weather. Trafficking in and out with pollen on their legs. First thing we need to do is get into the shed which is typically full of belongings and the owners can’t empty it because of well you know, the bees!

After the Beehive Removal

After everything is emptied out we us our techniques to locate exactly where the hive has been built and cut into the floor of the shed to extract the hive and bees safely. We try to always make only one cut for easy repair. There were a lot of bees in this colony, I would say approx 40 thousand of them. The hive was filled to the top of honey, this thing was soaked! We definitely don’t advise anyone who isn’t a professional to do this themselves. If you ever find yourself in this situation call FirstChoice Bee Removal in St Petersburg right away. Our outstanding service will not let you down. All bee hives removed right the first time and left with great warranties. Call now!

Beehive in Your Home

While you could be experiencing a bee hive visibly hanging on your roof edge.  You also may experience a bee hive inside your roof edge as well.  In most cases bees will look for little holes they can get into and build their hive.  It is important to look around your home to make sure any holes in your soffit are closed, preventing any honey bees from entering and building in your home.  

When bees decide to move into your roof edge they build in between the rafters which is open to the attic sometimes resulting in bees making it inside your home. If you’re experiencing needing bee removal in St Petersburg call now!

Best Time to Remove a Beehive

Winter time is always best for the remover to remove bees as it can get blazing hot wearing those bee suits in the summer. However the bees can be anywhere any time of the year. We remove beehives year round at any time of the day. Some will ask if it’s best to remove them in the morning or evening because all of the bees are in their hives. While this is true we continue to remove bees any time of the day because there are so many cases and if we waited for the best times our clients would be waiting too long for the hive to be removed resulting in possible injury.

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