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Bees are dangerous, in addition can be deadly.  Each colony consists of at least 10-50,000 bees, don’t try this at home unless your experienced with bees.

Removing a honeycomb must be done. Some will call a exterminator or pest control company to come out and spray.  That’s never a good idea for many reasons:

  • CCD is a reason saving the bees is important!
  • Destruction of your home
  • Attracting more bees to your property from pheromone scent left inside.
  • Attract other insects such as maggots, cockroaches, ants, etc..from the sweet honey melting inside your home.


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Damage to Your Home from Bees

An example of a bee removal in Tampa that went wrong, mold. That is what happens when a hive is left inside a structure. A exterminator got to the job before we were able to educate the home owner as to why removing the hive is essential. Honey keeps cool and inside the honey comb due to flapping their wings. When they’re sprayed or locked inside they die, resulting in honey inside your roof or walls.

FirstChoice Can Help

FirstChoice Honey Bee Removal specializes in finding hives inside structures and removing them by hand safely and humanly. They like to build their hives in desolate, quiet places and can build a hive the size of your fist in as little as one day. Bees are very smart and work themselves to death with different jobs at different stages of their lives. Honey bees have a life span of 6 weeks. 

WARNING: Beehives consist of at least 20,000-60,000 bees.  FirstChoice highly suggests a professional beekeeper or removal specialist. Injury could occur or even possible death.

Most noteworthy FirstChoice Bee Removal is dedicated to honesty, and most of all fairness. Therefore customers get fair quotes based off of their problem, not where they live! Furthermore taking pride in every job done, as a result your service is completed right the first time.