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Bees are dangerous, in addition can be deadly.  Each colony consists of at least 10-50,000 bees, don’t try this at home unless your experienced with bees.

Removing a honeycomb is especially relevant and must be done.  Some will call a exterminator or pest control company to come out and spray.  That’s especially never a good idea for many reasons:

  • CCD is a reason saving the bees is important!
  • Destruction of your home
  • Attracting more bees to your property from pheromone scent left inside.
  • Attract other insects such as maggots, cockroaches, ants, etc..from the sweet honey melting inside.

Damage to Your Home from Bees

An example of a bee removal in Tampa that went wrong, mold. That is what happens when a hive is left inside a structure. A exterminator got to the job before we were able to educate the home owner as to why removing the hive is essential. Honey keeps cool and inside the honey comb due to flapping their wings. When they’re sprayed or locked inside they die, resulting in honey inside your roof or walls.

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Removals from roofs, walls, trees, the ground, ANYWHERE! Another great reason to choose FirstChoice is because customers are also left with a one year warranty!! Quotes in less than 5 minutes! 855-269-2337

FirstChoice Can Help

FirstChoice Honey Bee Removal specializes in finding hives inside structures and removing them by hand safely and humanly. They like to build their hives in desolate, quiet places and can build a hive the size of your fist in as little as one day. Bees are very smart and work themselves to death with different jobs at different stages of their lives. Honey bees have a life span of 6 weeks. 

WARNING: Colonies consist of 20,000-60,000 bees.  Most of all we do not recommend anyone not qualified to try this themselves. In addition to injury it could result in death.

Most noteworthy FirstChoice Bee Removal is dedicated to honesty, and most of all fairness. Therefore customers get fair quotes based off of their problem, not where they live! Furthermore taking pride in every job done, as a result your service is completed right the first time.

Tampa Bee Removal

When arriving to our job in Tampa we realized that there was a massive tree down in the yard. The trunk was huge! Bees were flying everywhere and that’s when we got the call. We had to get the chainsaw out and cut this trunk open to see exactly what the situation was. After the first section of the tree is opened up a lot of hive was exposed but not all of it, this is a very large hive. Makes sense with how large the tree is. The bees had an apartment building being built in there, when I say it was large that’s an understatement. Our technicians ended up having to smoke them to calm them down as they were very aggressive.

African Bees

These bees were definitely partially africanized. How we can tell is their aggressiveness. We deal with a lot of africanized bees down here in Florida but we also have a lot of bees that are very calm and easy to deal with during the removal process. Africanized bees work faster, multiply faster, but also attack faster and in packs.

Conclusion of The Job

Our Tampa bee removal specialist continued to cut into the trunk with his tools to gather all of the honey comb while also vacuuming the bees into a bee vac. After this process is complete the bees will be reunited with their honey comb. After cutting more out realizing this hive is huge we looked down in there with a flashlight and we definitely weren’t done yet. This trunk was full of beehive. Trees can be difficult when trying to save the bees as you could imagine. In this situation unfortunately some won’t be saved as some will die during the removal process. Here at FirstChoice we strive to save as many honey bees as we possibly can.

Tree Removal

After completely removing the bees from the tree typically our specialist would close the tree up in the removal area as well as any other holes they may be trafficking in and out of. Bees that build in a tree trunk typically have multiple entrances as trunks can have holes anywhere making it easy for them. In this case the tree was dead and has fallen into the homeowners yard so we didn’t need to do much as far as closing the tree up. We did however seal the honey and pherimone scent away so the tree guys could come a few days later to cut and remove the tree without having to weather the bees.

After a Bee Removal in Tampa

Once a bee removal in Tampa is complete we take the bees and their honey comb to the closest beekeeper who is willing to take our donation of bees. Some will ask if they can get money from their bees and the answer is no. All bees are donated, there is no money exchanged. Beekeepers then take the bees and properly add them to their bee farm.

With decades of combined experience, our technicians are ready to assist residential and commercial customers with the safe removal of bees in Florida. Whether you have bees in your attic or walls or have noticed honeycomb on an exterior location, we specialize in safe, organic live bee removal services. Live removal without the use of dangerous chemicals allows the bees to be relocated to local farms and Apiaries were they can return to what they do best-pollinating plants and making honey! We will work six days a week to provide immediate service to our customers: arriving promptly to ensure removal of the bees in the safest possible way.

Where are Hives Built?

Bees are very smart little creatures. Some will have you looking around for bee removal after you notice they found that little void in your roof or wall. Whether you have a block or wood framed wall bees will find space to build their home. They especially love roof edges (eaves). Once inside bees will build between the rafters. No matter where they choose to build, once that void is filled they work on the next void. An especially common spot is by cable lines and or air conditioning lines. Our removal professional gets a lot of calls for those areas.

How to Stop Nests From Being Built Near Your Home

Avoiding hives in or around your home is essential if you’re wanting to prevent needing a hive removed from a building or around your home. First you want to walk around your home keeping a good eye out for small holes that bees could crawl into. As stated above the equipment on the side of your home is a common place so especially look closely there. Also check after a service man has serviced your home, if there is a void fill it. You can fill the void with stucco, concrete, or calk. However if there has already been bee activity you do not want to block these holes.