Bee Swarm

Honey bee swarm season occures twice a year

Don’t be scared, It’s only nature taking it’s course…

In most cases seeing a swarm of bees can be very intimidating.  However if you yourself see one, don’t be alarmed.  The bees are harmless & NOT likely to attack, even if they’re killer bees. During transition the only thing the bees are worried about is protecting the queen. The only time a bee swarm may attack is if they feel threatened or intimidated.  Things that intimidate bees:

  1. loud noises
  2. Strong Smells
  3. vibrations such as lawn mower, weed eater, etc.

Never try to kill or remove the bees yourself.  They typically relocated themselves within 24-48 hours or they will starve. When seeing a swarm that usually means the original hive is near by.

Swarming is a natural way the hive reproduces it’s self.  For Honey Bees to survive they have to have a specific population in their hive.  There can be tens of thousands in a bee swarm.


Preparing for Bee Swarm


The hive starts preparing for the swarm many days in advance.  Bees stop feeding the original queen and start creating queen cups to create more queen bees.  Once the swarm leaves the original hive they find a area to congregate, usually a tree near by.  Scout bees are then sent out to find the best location to build a hive.  When scouts return they do a waddle dance to show their enthusiasm about the location they found.  Based on how hyperactive they dance the other scouts go to the location to see for themselves.  As the scout bees return they give there opinion of the location by how hard Scouts shake.  This continues until it’s clear which location the scouts prefer.

 Once the location is chosen the queen and the entire bee swarm will move to the location.  If the queen is lost at all during this transition the colony will parish as they won’t be able to create enough members to survive.


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