Learn how to become a beekeeper

If your thinking about how to become a beekeeper you’re in the right place. The first thing you should do is check the regulations in your area. Furthermore join or attend some of your local beekeeping associations.  While visiting these meetings you can gather most of all the information needed to help you get started.  

Where Do I Find My Bees?

The best thing to do when trying to locate a bees is get your own.  You can check out bee supply companies online that sell swarm boxes or you can even make your own.    They are easy to build, You could even use a box with a lid.  You want it to be on the smaller end.  Not too small, around the size of about 4 gallon milk jugs (997.47 Cubic Inches).  You’ll also want 2-5 frames for your bees to build on.  Once the bees have started to build you can transfer those frames into a bee box.  Which can easily be built as well.

Box Type                                  Depth                            Length

Deep Box:                            9 9/16 Inches                   19 Inches

Medium Super                    6 5/8 Inches                     19 Inches

Shallow Super                     5 3/4 Inches                     19 Inches

Comb Super                         4 3/4 Inches                     19 Inches

Another way to get your own local honey bees rather than buying them is to contact a bee removal company or service. Seems like most of them are saving the bees and need somewhere to take them.   Or if you do purchase a nuke make sure they are being bought locally.  You don’t want to risk bringing any diseases from elsewhere to you area.

beekeeping bee box with bees all over