Bees in the Wall?

How to Get Rid of Bees in the wall

When honey bees set up a colony they typically like to build in a hole in a tree, or a void in the wall of your home. These are popular locations for honey bees in the southern states, such as Florida.

When honey bees in the wall are trafficking in and out, they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. This means that the recruiter bee has chose this particular spot to build their honey comb. Once the bee colony moves in the honey bees immediately start to build the wax comb to fill with nectar that later on turns into honey.

How Did I Get Bees in the Wall?

Bees need to have the capability of finding an entrance to get into the wall cavity. There also needs to be a void space inside for them to consider building their nest in. Block walls are especially one of the perfect places for bees to start building their hive in due to the overwhelming amount of voids to build in. These types of walls are made of cinder blocks of which has empty voids for the honey bees to build in.

How to Get Rid of Bees in the Wall

In any instance with bees in your home it is always best to remove and clean out the the area. Your never want to hire a pest control company, only bee removal. These types of companies are great for insects other than bees. Bees leave melting honey behind after it’s been sprayed. Exterminators also plug the hole after spraying poison. This leaves the bees looking for an exit and that is typically inside your home. To properly rid of your bee problem you will need a bee removal specialist. Bee companies understand the bees as well as how to successfully perform a removal as well as stages taken for prevention of any return.

Bee Removal Versus a Beekeeper

Some will look for a beekeeper to remove their bees for free. While it’s not impossible it’s very hard to find today. Once the Africanized bees most beekeepers have become more protective on what bees they bring into their farm. The easiest route is to hire a bee company for any of your bee hive removal needs.

Post Bee Removal Service

There are many locations bees will consider to build their hive. Honey bees could build in a tree or tree stump. Tree or tree stump removal companies will a lot of times find there are bees that need relocated before they can start work. Other places other than a wall are roof edges. Once the bees are cleaned out of any of these areas a repair is then needed. Some companies will also repair the area themselves while others will leave you needing a residential home builder to make any improvements as needed. Be sure to ask these questions when looking around.

  • Do you remove the hive
  • Does my honeybee removal include repairs
  • What kind of warranty, if any
  • Do you save the bees?
  • Rough estimate on the cost to remove the hive

Prevent a Hive from being Built in Your Home

For a colony to find the perfect place to build their hive a recruiter must first scout out multiple locations. The queen will then choose the honeybee with the loudest buzz and fanciest dance moves as this indicates how great this location is. If you want to prevent any bees from building in your home the first thing to do is inspect. You want to walk around your home checking for little holes in your fascia or soffit, and walls. The most common areas are where cable companies install their wires. Before they leave they typically don’t fill in the voids they create during installation. If you find yourself coming across some of these voids you’ll want to fill them in with caulk. This is not recommended if bees already reside in your home. Bees can eat through caulk and spray foam, however won’t if they have no reason to.

Entrance for bees in the wall
bees building a hive inside a wall
bee hive in a wood wall

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