Colony Collapse Disorder

CCD is an issue and we can explain why

Colony collapse disorder (CCD) puts honey bees at risk & have been severely on the decline in large amounts since the 80’s.  Scientist really aren’t completely sure why.  They believe it may have something to do with farmers performing pest removal with pesticides on their crops.  The bees then pollinate those crops; bringing the poisons back to their home.  Yet CCD is still a mystery.

Colony Collapse Disorder is a condition where bees abandoning their hives.  Bees will often leave when feeling ill, and die elsewhere.  Bees typically won’t stay and die with their colony.

 Scientists say that without bees we would have a estimated 4 years to live.  The bees pollinate a lot of foods that provide vitamins for us such as apples, avocados, carrots, mango’s, lemons, limes, berries, zucchini, celery, squash, onion, of course honey, and much more.  If bees go extinct it would be a devastation to all man kind.  Our local markets would be lose to empty with not enough to go around.  As you see Colony Collapse Disorder is a very serious issue!

Why are bees Beneficial

All bees in the world make up 1/3 of our food, make 6,000 tons of honey, and contributes $525,000,000 to the economy each year.  If bees die out we’d lose more than 2,000 species of edible plants.  We’d also lose many of the delicacies we get from plants such as coffee.  Yes you’ve heard that right, no bean, no coffee.  Caffeine itself lives in the bean.  Some holidays wouldn’t be the same without bees either, Halloween for one.  Without bees our pumpkins wouldn’t grow, making it tough to carry on the old American tradition of carving pumpkins with our little ones and baking the seeds.

colony collapse disorder

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