Get Rid of Bees

Get rid of bees –  Bees are never expected and can show up in some unexpected places as well.  Knowing how to get rid of bees isn’t easy, especially if you find that they are entering your wall or roof. Exterminators will tell you they can get rid of the bees by spraying and plugging the whole.  This isn’t true.  If your needing to get rid of the bees you need a bee removal specialist, not an exterminator!

Bees in ground

If you see bees under ground, those are typically yellow jackets and very dangerous.  To get rid of bees from the ground you ‘ll need:

  • Bee suit
  • Gloves
  • Boots
  • Hand Shovel

However we do not recommend anyone not qualified to remove bees themselves.  Call a bee removal company right away.  Yellow jackets have long stingers and will sting continuously. Most noteworthy, if you see bees in wall, eave, under house, shed, or even a tree, those are probably honey bees.  Honey bees are typically only dangerous unless disturbed.  When they are Africanized honey bees they most definitely are dangerous and you should stay far away!  How can you tell the difference? You can’t with your naked eye so be sure to take caution anytime you ever run into a beehive.

Free bee removal

Free bee removal today, pretty rare.  Years ago there were more beekeepers that would come out and remove your hive follow by transporting to their farm.  However today that seems less and less as we come across more and more Africanized bees.

Bees in Pool, bird house, pond

While in some cases you may have bees hanging around without no hive around.  Most cases when there isn’t hive around, you have lovely plants bees like pollinating on or you have water source they like to use.  Most cases being pools, bird baths, pond, etc.  Unfortunately most cases this makes it difficult to find solutions.  Most of the time the water source will need to be cut off, or you could consider screening in your pool.

Bees in your wall or roof

Honey bees in the wall can sometimes bee noisy, in most cases you will hear the buzzing inside the wall.  If they are in the eve you typically won’t hear them be sometimes will depending on the location.  If someone has bees in the their roof edge somewhere they will probably experience a few bees in the house. Also find them dead in window sills as they follow light and also dehydrate quickly.  If you experience bees coming in your home, take a walk around and check for bee activity.

Get Rid of Bees

When you find the source you’ll need to cut inside the structure.  Remove each plate of honey comb and place in a bee box.  You’ll want to follow that up with cleaning out the void and repairing the structure when finished closing up any holes for prevention of return.  However again we do not recommend anyone not experienced to try this themselves.  It is very dangerous and can end in death. There are 10-50 thousand bees in a colony.  It takes only a thousand or less to kill a grown man and much less for women and children who could be around. Call a bee specialist to get rid of bees.

Bees in a tree

Bees buzzing in a tree trunk, or see a hive hanging from a branch.  This is common place for bees to build their home.  You’ll need a ladder, proper bee equipment and a chain saw/sawzall.  Remove honeycomb plates into a bee box.  We do not recommend anyone not experienced trying this themselves. You most definitely needs a professional bee removal specialist to help you out.

Dead bees outside of house

If you experience dead bees outside your house but no other activity elsewhere, it’s possible you have a hive near by and the bees are in most cases coming over because of a light they are attacked to.  We suggest buying yellow light bulbs to stop the bees from coming to your property.  Then maybe do some investigating with neighbors to see if you can locate where the hive is.

Bees in chimney

Bees in a chimney can be scary when they come into your home.  Right away if you see bee activity in a chimney close the vent and call a bee professional.

how to get rid of a bee hive