How to Remove a Bee Hive

Learn How to Get Rid of a Bee Hive

How to Get Rid of a Bee Hive – In Florida it may be essential to learn how to remove a bee hive as there are thousands of bees building honey combs daily in the sunny state. If you’re seeing bees trafficking in and out as seen in the video below you most definitely have a beehive inside that structure.

    Steps of Removing a Beehive

    If you’re wanting to learn how to remove a bee hive you’re in the right place. But do you have the right tools? Typically honey bees will look for quiet dark places without any disturbance to build their home. In most cases in Florida it’s inside the structure of residence offices or homes. Places like wall, roof, and sometimes even a floor space. Making it essential to have the right tools to get rid of the bees.

    Bee Removal Tools & Materials

    Here is a list of a few tools & materials we think are vital when removing a beehive.

    • Beekeeper Suit
    • Beekeeping Gloves
    • Smoker
    • Bee Vacuum (recommended)
    • Bee Box (recommended)
    • Sawzall
    • Scrapper
    • Hammer
    • Nails
    • plywood
    • Water Source

    Process of Removing a Beehive

    First step to get rid of a bee hive is making certain where the hive actually is before cutting anything open. In most cases this will take a trained profession who is experienced with building structures and where the voids actually are inside making is a perfect place for the bees to build their hive. If you’re not a carpenter, beekeeper, or you’re allergic to bees, we do not advise you moving any further than here. You should call Florida bee removal Companies that can help you right away.

    If you’re experienced in construction then the first thing after being absolutely sure where the hive is, is to get all of your beekeeping gear on, suit, gloves, hat if needed. Get all tools and material ready. Open the structure up. Once you’re inside you’ll simpley remove each plate by hand ever so gently placing them in the bee box. Clean your void area out and repair.

    After you Learned how to Remove a Bee Hive

    If you’re thinking about keeping your bees that’s great! What you must do first is check your city for regulation to ensure you’re able to house your honey bees.

    If you’re not wanting to keep your bees that’s ok too. There are tons of beekeepers who are willing to take your bees. Take a look to see where the closets beekeeper is to you.


    To have a successful out come you must have the hive removed completely.


    WARNING: Bee colonies consist of 20,000-60,000 bees.  Most of all we do not recommend anyone not qualified to try this themselves. In addition to injury it could result in death.

    Learn how to remove a bee hive in Florida

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