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Welcome to FristChoice bee removal in Port Charlotte- Servicing Port Charlotte since 2009. Fast, friendly, reliable service every time. Quotes over the phone with great one year warranties on hives removed from roofs and walls. Call now for your free quote over the phone 941-203-1814

Learning to Remove a Bee Hive

Removing a beehive can get sticky! Unless you’re an experienced bee removal specialist we do not recommend you trying this yourself.  Most all beehives in Florida are at least 3% Africanized killer bees while some can be up to 50-60% Africanized making them extremely aggressive and dangerous. Each hive consists of 20-60 thousand honey bees. It takes One Thousand or less to kill a grown man.

Port Charlotte bee removal is here to help get rid of your bee problem without any damage to the structure of your home. Our bee removal service team is ready to help you through the simple and easy process of getting all of your questions and concerned answered.


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Bees in Port Charlotte

Safety alert for anyone who comes across bees in the Charlotte County area. A swarm of bee sent three people to the hospital back in 2016. It happened at their home one evening when the home owner showed back home from work. Family members tried to help as they were severely attacked by the bees as well resulting in them all being admitted to the hospital. The bees had been there for approx 4 months but the homeowners didn’t know what to do or who to call. FirstChoice Bee Removal in Port Charlotte, FL would of been a great help to these folks. If they had called sooner the injuries they’ve endured may not have happened.

Bee Conclusion

As the homeowner screamed horrified to call 911. Dispatchers told the individuals to stay in the house until they arrive. Upon arrival they noticed bees flying everywhere like a cloud. After investigators got there they noticed the bees congregating near their hive on a tree. Turns out the hive was actually inside the tree trunk approx 15 feet up. It’s predicted that in time these honey bees became more and more Africanized causing them to attack. Don’t let this happen to you, call professional bee removers in Port Charlotte if you ever see them trafficking in and out of a structure or in this case a tree.